Monday, June 24, 2013


Ugh...I hate change.  Signed up for google+ and messed with the picture settings and now they aren't linked anymore.  *sigh*

God knows when I will have time to figure this mess out.

Monday, April 22, 2013

One year...

Can it be that it really has been in excess of one year since I stopped posting?  I am debating if I should start this up again, if there is anything worth writing about...anything that anyone would want to read.

Who knows...something to think about.

Maybe a new direction.  Maybe something new altogether...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In My Thoughts

The other night I found myself leaving work late, around midnight, as this time of the year is very busy.  While sitting in the back of the car, I found myself looking at all of the different types of buildings in my beautiful City; 3 story Brownstones, 75 story residential towers and of course the staple of the City, commercial buildings.  After doing a quick assessment of the hour and the lights on in all of these buildings, my mind wandered to sex (doesn't it always).  How many people out there were having sex?  With the lights off?  With them on?  Ooh...quick, let's look in the windows as we drive by to try and catch a glimpse.

The streets are dark, dimly lit by the occasional street light.  The traffic lights throw a green and amber hue onto the buildings and shades on lit windows are partially pulled to mask the activities of the night from prying eyes.  There is a saying, "Locks only keep honest people honest", therefore, I believe, "Partially drawn shades only keep the non-voyourers from looking".  That's a proper analogy, no?

There is someone I want.  She may be aware, but yet, she may not even have a clue.  I want her behind one of these partially drawn shades, our silohouttes betraying our actions to those that catch a glimpse.  I want to stand behind her, my hands on her bare flesh and my lips on the back of her neck.  I want to hear her moan "please" as she tries to speak through her excitment.  There are times that I like to proceed slowly, to build the anticipation, to savor a woman's scent, taste and fuel myself on her excitment.  This is one of those times, it is not about me, it is about her...about pleasing her.

I imagine she is hesitant in front of the window, looking to take my hand and lead me away.  I resist her pull at my hand and firmly pull her back to me.  With her back to the window, she is less apprehensive.  As I slowly lower myself to my knees she leans back onto the windowsill.  My hands slide up the outside of her legs, toned and tight, and up to her ass.  With my hands on her ass, I pull her to my mouth.

And all her apprehension washes away...