Wants and Desires

I have seen this type of posting in numerous places, but most recently over here, by Scarlett.  I have been lacking inspiration to write recently and I am hoping this list will lead me in the right direction.  This list is comprised of both things I have done and things I hope to do one day.

Have sex in a cemetery.
Have sex on a trampoline.
Have sex while someone watches (while on the above trampoline).
A threesome (MFM, FMF).
Watch people have sex - they know I am watching.
Watch people have sex - they do not know I am watching.
Make a sex tape.
Take erotic photos of a woman; alone and with a lover(s).
Masturbate while watching a woman masturbate for me.
Finger a woman on transatlantic flight - who I had met during layover in an airport bar.
An orgy.
Receive a blowjob while driving.
Have a woman masturbate in the back seat of a car I am driving.
Have sex on the side of a busy highway.
Have sex on a rooftop, in the rain.
Balcony sex over looking a busy boulevard, day and night.
Hotel window sex (read this).

Have phone sex.
Masturbate on cam while watching a woman masturbate with me (cam sex).
Use a vibrator for DP on a lover.  I want to feel the vibrations through her.
Gently tie my lover to a chair so she has no choice but to watch me pleasure another woman, prior to our FMF (consensual tying, of course).

Video tape myself masturbating and send it to a lover.
Video tape a woman masturbating for me.
Use a blindfold on a lover / have a lover use a blindfold on me.
Have sex on an airplane - this seems almost impossible in this day and age.

This isn't everything...if I gave it all to you at once, I wouldn't have anything to entice you to return.  So keep checking back.  ;)

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Anonymous said...

Perfect! I can't wait to see more ;)